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Nofx - Mattersville tab

This is my first tab/chord.  I wanted to play some NoFX songs 
but they're either all tabs or they're for two guitar parts.
I made a chord version of mattersville and it sounds really
good on an acoustic too; thats what I wrote the chords with.
I'm not sure what the opening chord is but I think it's a high
E.  Also the chord Mike drops to from the 3rd note in the chorus (G) 
in the song I am not sure what it is, but I think its an F or F#, 
I play D it sounds good alone but way off if playing w/ the song.

Anyway, any questions or comments can be sent to me at

Chord shapes Version:
  | G   Am  D   E   C   F#
e | 1---0---2---0---0---2
B | 0---1---3---0---1---2
G | 0---2---2---1---2---3
D | 0---2---0---2---0---4
A | 2---0---0---2---3---4
E | 3---0---x---0---0---0

Barred chords version:
  | G   Am  D   E   C   F#
e | 3---5---5---0---3---2
B | 3---5---7---0---5---2
G | 2---5---7---1---5---3
D | 4---7---7---2---5---4
A | 4---7---5---2---3---4
E | 3---5---5---0---3---0


G, Am, D, G
E, Am, C, D
G, Am, D, G
E, Am, C, G


E, C, G, F#
E, C, G, F#
E, G, D, G
C, D


G                            Am
  There's a place some of us choose to live
D                      G
  Gated community cops can't come in
E                           Am
  A neighborhood for punks over the hill
C                              D
  We spend our golden years in Mattersville
G                                Am
  We can do whatever we want whenever we please
D                                    G
  There's always a keg of beer and a block of cheese
E                        Am
  We got charams,pinball,asteroids, 
C                        G                E
  Space invaders,and missile command...


E              C      G      D (or F# ?)
  We will grow old together  
E              C                G         D (or F# ?)
  We will play bridge and texas hold 'em
E                                    G
Duane and Stevie Cab they still skateboard
    D                               G
But most of us lawn bowl and shuffleboard
   C                                D
We may be getting ripe but we ain't bored


G                               Am
  We got a blackboard with some rules and laws
D                  G
  Hefe's got an 18 car garage
E                                Am
  Most the cars are smashed, but so is spike
C                     D
  Twice a week on karaoke night
G                        Am
  Eric Melvin lives next door to me
D                                G
  Limo and the locknecks head security
E                  Am
  At the end of my cul de sac
C                        G             E
  Davey Havok's house is painted black


E              C       G       F#
  We will grow old and fatter
E            C                   G        F#
  We got our ville, so what else matters
E                                 G
Trashy, Mod, and Kath are staying up
D                                 G
Nathan, Matt, and Dad are passing out
     C                             D
When California cracks we're goin' down
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