Nofx - 60 Reprise chords

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I did this tab cause no one has the chords version on yet so I did it.

It's an acoustic version, so its a lil slower then the regular version.
And i guess it could work for both versions with the different lyrics.

Any questions or concerns you know what to do at the bottom. Enjoy!!

 A                          F#
We're the band with our own label

                        D     E                      A
That's money under the table, that's answering to no one

But still bands just love to hate us

                     D                      A
Talking shit behind us, but smiling to our face

A                                    F#       
That's OK, it's not that they don't like us

                      D         E                      A
They're just a little jealous, cause we're having more fun (the band that wouldn't die)

A                                F#                D
We're the self-crowned kings of candor, sultans of slander

E            A
Bastions of D.I.Y.

Bm                              E                      A
       Which means we make more money, we've got better prescriptions

                       F#                                    D
We own most of our own music, no one's got their hands in our pockets

               E                           A
We don't have management, we get to play loaded

and only 3 months a year

                   D                         E
Some years we just take off, vacations are a write off,

and so is goin' out (fuck us)

                              F#   (Strum every chord just once from here)
I suppose that's how we'll go out, 

       D       E              A
played out and way after our time
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