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Nofx - Two On Glue tab

TWO ON GLUE by NOFX. Album : Fuck the Kids (1996)
Sorry guys. I have this song as a LP-version-mp3 and the sound isn't very
"entertaining". All the verse solos are just a one big mess to my ears, so
you'll have to use your own improvisation ( =>all the other tab-makers use
this word when the solo comes).
# intro #  *=play 14X with palm-muting  m=palm-mute  b=bend-up to next note
# verse # X3 *=play 14X  # chorus # X2  *=play 12X
E---------------|        E----------------------------------------------|
B----*-------*--|        B----*---------------*-------------------------|
G---2-------5---|        G---7--------*------5--------------------------|
D---2-------5---|        D---7-------3-------5--------------------------|
A---0-------3---|        A---5-------3-------3-------3--5--7--8--7--5---|
E---------------|        E-----------1----------------------------------|
Then play verseX2 and chorusX2 (!second time without third chord!).
Not a long story...
Tabbed by Jussi Heinonen 29.05.1999.
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