Nonoy Zuniga - Never Ever Say Goodbye chords

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Never Ever Say Goodbye
Nonoy Zuņiga

  FM7                      Em7
   Night after night we stay together
  Dm7              Dm7(/G)  C(9)        C7
   Sharing lonely moments that's spell forever
  FM7                   Em7       A7(sus) A7
   Day after day our love gets stronger
  D7(sus)          Dm7                G7(sus)-G7
   Growin' ev'ry minute that we get closer

  FM7   Bb7(sus) Bb7   Gm7    Cm7
   If we ever  have to say goodbye
  FM7            Bb7(sus)-Bb7        Eb
   And go on our own      separate ways
       G(/D)   D7(sus) G(/B)     E7 Am7-Cm7
   I wouldn't know how to get by on my own
         G(/D)      E pause     Dm7(/G)       G7
   After all the lovin' passion you have shown

       (G7sus) Cm7      Am7
   I'll never say goodbye
         FM7          Dm7-Dm7/G
   No matter how they try
            Em7           A7
   To show me love won't last
                              FM7       G7(sus)
   If we're prisoners caught in our past

                 Cm7         Am7
   Don't let your tears run dry
            FM7       Dm7-Dm7/G
   No need for you to cry
            Em7         A7
   I promise I will stay
      Cm7             FM7   Eb7
   I'm with you all the way
   D(/G)                 G(/B)
   In time they'll soon forget
  Gm(/Bb)      F(/A)    Fm(/Ab)
   That you and I once met
       C(/G)          G7(sus)
   As long as deep inside
      Em7                  A7(sus) A7
   I know it's love, not pride
   Then I will never say 
   Dm7/G        C(9) G#7
   Ever say goodbye

   G#7(sus)   C#M7   A#m7
   I'll never say goodbye
              F#M7        D#m7
   There are no reasons why
  [ch]D#m7/G#[/ch]          FM7      G#m7
   Our souls are so entwined
            C#7       F#M7    E7(9)
   There is us, not you and I

  Eb                  G#(/C)
   Our friends will soon regret
  G#m(/B)     F#(/A#)  F#m(/A)
   Regretting we once met
             C#(/G#)     G#7(sus)
   Because we'll show them all
                   FM7           A#7(sus)-A#7
   We're in love, we can walk tall
                D#m7 FM7
   And we will never say
  F#M7 G#7sus   (coda)
   Ever say goodbye

   Coda: F#M7-C#(/F)-D#m7, FM7, F#M7-G#7(sus)-C#
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