Norah Jones - Tell Yer Mama chords

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Hallo, my name is Vladimir, I'm from Serbia.
From new album...

                  Norah Jones - Tell Yer Mama
                    (album: The Fall, 2009)

Intro: C#m, E, B, A

C#m       E
I won't cry for you
B                     A
when the night grows long
C#m          E
And I won't die for you
B                     A
because you done me wrong

C#m           E
So tell your mama
B          A
I said hello
C#m           E
and that she raised you
B          A
too damn slow
B                 A
you're too damn slow
           C#m E B A
too damn slow

C#m, E, B, A

Because I've been waiting
for your time
and I've been missing
out on mine

So tell your father
that I said so long
and thanks for raising you
so damn wrong
you are so damn wrong
you're so damn wrong
so damn wrong.

Solo: C#m, E, B, A

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