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Norah Jones - Painter tab

This song is cool.... so i just want it to be on UG


performed by Norah Jones on  "Come Away With Me"
composed by Lee Alexander/J.C. Hopkins

transcribed by Michael Blake (All his own work.)

The song is in the form  AABA AABA with a piano solo
on the third and fourth A sections. The finger picking
is improvised.  I tabbed it out from the first verse
as an example, but it's played slightly different each

A Section
  2/4 Time
   E+      AM7              D        DdimM7 

  DdimM7 D9       F+      A        F#m     Bm     

1.  If I were a  painter .....
2.  We'd be there  ...
 E+             AM7                D    Ddim7  

  Ddim7    D       C#+      A        F#m     Bm     

B Section

 And I'm  dreaming ....  
 E+      B7              Fm      A      
(Strum ~ once per beat)

 And I      think my  bush would take me there but
 Bm  Bbdim7 D  C#dim7  F#m  A     C#m7 E7 Amaj7  Bm 


climb inside ...
  Bm7      E7       A9 

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