Northstar - Between Horns And Halos chords

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A                E
Looking out of a second floor window
F#m             D           A        E
planning out my exit wound, she's so overlooked
     D         Bm       F#m
this slaughter will get hotter
and it's early overdue

A           E
Trying on a makeshift halo
F#m           D           A
kissing on my exit wound, knowing well
         E                   D
that the farthest place from heaven
Bm        F#m     D
lies just right inside her room

Bm    D         A      Bm                                
And I staggered off my love of love,
D            E         Bm
romance, and valentine ways
            D        A        Bm
she felt so cold, so cold she froze
          D               E
under the sheets, while I slept all day

A                                   D
She will sleep there, in between the cracks
just a flower with a broken back

waiting for dirty water
D               E 
did you sleep alright, did you sleep all
A                                             D 
she's giving beat stares, from being beat all day
Indian eyes, and the American way
                D             E
Hail Mary's and ale, a Hailed Mary that ails

Bm       D    A           E
This Jezebel, is bleeding from a place that
Bm         D     A    E
can never, ever, be replaced
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