Nq Arbuckle - Postcard From Princess tab

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B* [0]     F*[0]
   [1]       [1]
   [0]       [2]
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   [2]       [3]
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C             B*            Am          F*
Postcard from Princess, last cigarette, St.Patricks

C         B*      Am         F*
West end Toronto, polish bar, back ache
 C                  B*           Am           F*
And I can't wait to see you, can't wait to be alone, 

  C               B*             Am        F*
And I'll call you tomorrow, from Winnepeg, Saskatchewan,

C            B*       Am              F*
 The drunken whine is keeping me from sleeping

C              B*          Am    F*
Its changing the channels, on my TV

        C                  B*                Am              F*
And I've forgotten all the pretty lies, that used to come so easily 
  C            B*       Am           F*
to mind

G slide to Fmaj
Oooooooooohhhh            X2

        Dm                      F*
And the stars aren't guiding us home

             Dm                        F*           C     B*  Am    F*
They're just dragging us backwards and forwards, til dawn

finish what you're doing and kiss me on the mouth
and call up all of your friends for a quiet night out
this dance is no race, death is no dream
and she's treating this jukebox like a washing machine
shake me from this feeling, wake me from the couch
the words are so close but i can't make them out
this house is so quiet, this house is so still
i told you that i loved you, always have and always will


Yes this band is real... and generally quite awesome
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