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Nq Arbuckle - Skydive Home chords

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Skydive Home
NQ Arbuckle


Em                          C    Slide Riff    G
Forget about green bottles
you can lend me some money if you want
Em                            C
and all of those fast-paced drinking friends of yours
      G                                                            D
are all sitting around trying to remember the good times
they’ve forgotten

cigarette smoke like a weather front
ashtrays and guitars - misunderstood
and I feel like playing pool below the tree line
let's get out a map pretend that we could

G to D Riff  X2

reckless - afternoons with chainsaw fiddle players
watch your step buddy that's my sister you're talking to and riding the late night
subway cattle cars crashing on the kitchen table with people eating breakfast around you

and drawn the last straw to the sunrise gunfight
working class neighbors waking up to you and coughing up the wrong tree hey ya it'll be
alright and if you ever get up before ten
there ain't nothing you can do

G               D
but skydive home
G                               D                                    G
and leave all of the answers to your intelligent friends
and you're always one step back from
C        D                            G
being one step over the edge and

G to D Riff X2

now it's way too late to be out and the band sucks
they're rocking but I'm tired of “twist and shout”
the winds in the trees and the smokes on the water and knocking over all of those chairs
ain't no way to impress her

and crooked teeth darling with dirty finger nails
outlaws and gunslingers boozed from all those bar rails
and let's turn out the lights son
give me another slow song
crashing on the corner while the cops telling you to move along

Chorus X2

Outro solo over G and D Riff


This is the way I play these riffs.  They are similar to the band but not exactly the same.

First verse is arpeggiated.

Slide Riff (C to G transition) used only during first line of first verse


G to D Riff

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