Nujabes - Luv Sick Part 2 tab

Special thanks to "UppinDisma" for the youtube piano tab from which I learnt this, such a tune...

Rest in peace Sun Jeba

Tuning: 1/2 a step down

Bass notes

E ------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------|
G ----------------6~~4~---------------2~~1~-|
D ------6~~4~----4----------2~~------2------|
A -----4-----2~~~----------2---2~0~~~-------|
E -2~~~----------------0~~~-----------------|
   +         +         +         +

(to help with the rythm, the above plus signs note the beat on each chord change)

High notes

E -12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10----|
B ---10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--|
G -------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------|
   +                               +

E -10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--9--9--9--7--7----|
B ---10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--9--9--9--7--7--|
G --------------------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------|
   +                               +

One of the biggest musical legends on the planet; if anyone has any contributions or 
songs, let me know.

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