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3 Doors Down - Fathers Son Acoustic tab

3 Doors Down - Father's Son

Tabbed By Sami
Standard tuning

This is based on the acoustoc version

The guitar alternates between picking the riff below and the verse's chords

Intro + Verses 



gm                  D#
  In the glare of a neon sign
    F             gm
She laid her body down
  gm               F 
A man walked in beside her
    (F)            gm 
And laid his money down 

He said don't try to scream now 
But I want this one to hurt 
And tonight my pretty one 
I'm gonna get my money's worth 

She said they never listened 
She said they'd never understand 
That I don't this for pleasure 
I just do it cause I can 

I swear I didn't want to 
And I swear I didn't know 
That things like this could happen 
To a 17-year old 


         D#         A#           F      gm          
And I've bundled up all of these fears inside
         D#         A#          F    
And I've bottled up all of this pain
    D#         A#           F           gm 
And no one and nothing, can take this away
      D#           A#       F            
But I won't let it happen again - never again

(First acoustic guitar playing riff, second one chords)

In the haze of a smoky room 
He chokes that bottle down 
It's been a month since her saw her face 
Underneath the blood stained gown 

He thinks about that little girl 
And the one he has at home 
And wonders what if that was my little girl 
Walkin' down that road alone 

Maybe I'm just crazy or the devil got inside 
But either way my soul is gone, I'll end this all tonight 
The one hand throws the whiskey, and the other throws the gun 
As he cries out to the heavens 
I am not my father's son 

Chorus x2
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