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4tune - Miss You chords

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                               MISS YOU - 4tune
First Submitted: December 13th 2010

Tabbed by: Wayne S
Tuning: Standard EADGBE

Capo: 0


D: x00232 or 557775
A: 002220 or 577655
Bm: 224432 or 799777
G: 320033 or 355433

Pretty simple song to play. The intro can be played as a backing track during the verses,
and for the pre-chorus, you could pick the given chords in a very similar way.

For the pre-chorus, I like to play it using bar chords (Bm: 799777, A: 577655, G: 355433)
since you'd basically be sliding up the fretboard in a very similar shape. Easy to switch
with the bar chords.


  D           A           Bm           G  


[Verse 1]:

  Miss you
A                 Bm
  When I close my eyes,
That's when you're near...
  I kiss you,
A                     Bm
  But I know that I'm dreamin'
Girl, it's unfair


      Bm             A           G
And I can't help but cry every night,
         Bm            A         G	
When I'm weak & you're not by my sides


D                   A               Bm
  Girl I just wanna hold you, in my arms
                  G              D
Think of you each day now we're apart
                       A                 Bm
And I just want things back the way they were
       G                (D)
Find a way back to your heart

[Verse 2]:

  Without you,
A                  Bm
  I don't feel the same
Since you went away...
  I need you
A                     Bm (abrupt stop)
  And I just want you back,
Here with me

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus] x2

I miss you... 
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