7 Worlds Collide - Riding The Wave chords

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This is Tim Finn's contribution to the Seven Worlds Collide album "The Sun Came 
Out" - I heard somewhere that Neil co-wrote it too. 

The album is a collaboration between multiple artists brought together by Neil 
Finn, going collectively by the name of 7 Worlds Collide. Here's the link to their 
page: http://www.7worldscollide.com/7worldscollide/. The band includes Neil, Tim, 
Liam, Elroy and Sharon Finn, Bic Runga, KT Tunstall, members of Radiohead and 
Wilco, Lisa Germano etc. The album is being released for Oxfam. 

The whole song is F C Dm Bb except for one bit...

F            C       
I don't need chaos and mayhem 
Dm        Bb
To get me up in the A.M. 
F           C                   Dm              Bb
And I'm not looking for trouble

Sometimes you can't ignore it
And there is nothing else for it
I don't live in a bubble

(Bb)       F       C
Riding the wave
(C)        Dm 
Along with you
Caught up in the spirit of the time we're going through

Don't second guess your karma
When life is a melodrama
We all get in a muddle

+ riding the wave

(F)        Gm           C              Am
It can be dangerous and beautiful it's true
(Am)     Gm             C               Am
But if I fall I will be falling next to you

(back to normal F C Dm Bb pattern)

We're breathing the same air
Choking back the same tears
It's always been a puzzle

Cradle to grave
What else can we do? 
Caught up in the spirit of the time we're going through 

Riding the wave
Along with you
Riding the wave
Riding the wave

*Brilliant* album, check it out if you haven't. 
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