98 Degrees - Why tab

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Title: Why

Artist: 98 degrees

Tabbed by: Charlie Edsel Valera

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Intro: A-E-F#m-Bm-Esus

            A   /G# F#m    G       E
      Oh tell me why . . . hmmmm yeah
         A             E/G#           F#m
      Iíve do most of the things I love to do
           Bm                               E
      And thatís why itís hard just to be friends with you
        A                       E/G#           F#m
      Every time my heart is broken by the fall
         G                        E
      I want you to know that it hurts me too
       Bm                        F#m
      Itís hard to welcome till you wait
       Bm                               E
      Knowing that you should be with me

      Now tell me why
      Why are we still friends
      Well it make a sense
      We should be more that we are
                  A        /G#      F#m
      And tee me why every time I find
      Someone that I like
               E                  A
      We always end up just being friends
       A                              F#m
      I will wait for you, to find someone new
      Who you really love
      Whoís in me, whoís in you
      A           /G#              F#m
      But Iím a fool girl now to say
      If Iím always scared
      Iíll lose it anyway
        Bm                          F#m
      Somehow, somewhere o got to choose
       Bm                    E
      No matter life it win or lose
     (repeat Chorus)

      I donít wanna be like your brother
      I donít wanna be your best friend
      I only wanna be your lover
      Will you listen
      A                     F#m
      If I told you that I wanna be in your life
                 Bm                      E
      Then you could but the woman in mine
      (repeat Chorus)
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