Oaks Worship - Presence Feat Bethany Dillon chords

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Song: Presence
Artist: Oaks Worship featuring Bethany Dillon
Album: Lift Up the Light

You can purchase this song as well as the entire album on i-Tunes. God bless!

(verse 1)
C             Csus
I want your blessings
C            Csus
Poured out upon me
Am            F
But more than anything
            C          Csus
I want your presence

(verse 2)
C            Csus
I want your mercies
C           Csus
New every morning
Am            F
But more than anything
             C        G/B
I want your presence
Am              F
Lord, more than anything
I want your presence

                F                     C
The fullness of joy is here in this place
                    F                        G
The warmth of your glory shining down on my face
          F         G           Am
My one desire, to feel your embrace
  Am/G          Dm
A foretaste of heaven...
I love your presence

(choir chorus)
Am - G/B - C F-Em

   Am - G - Em       F
To sit and rest with you
   Am - G - Em   F 
Is all I want to do
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