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Oar - Love And Memrories chords

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I worked these out from watching one of their acoustic live videos on youtube, and 
I think its accurate enough for the acoustic version. There are two guitars, one 
doing all the chords and the second doing the riff which i haven't fully figured 
out yet, but the one guitar sounds fine on its own.

Standard Tuning

the intro is nearly the same as the chorus,
There are four chords that are;

Some type of B:0    then C#m:0     then A:0    then just E major:0   
               0             5            2                      0
               4             6            2                      1
               4             6            2                      2
               2             4            0                      2
               0             0            0                      0

the strumming timing is out of 16, so like 4 strums (just normal down up down up) 
per chord except the timing is a bit different so instead of 4 4 4 4, its 3 5 3 5. 
It's difficult to explain but watch as he plays and you may understand.

So the intro: B,B,B/C#,C#,C#,C#,C#,A,A,A,E,E,E,E,E x 3
              B,B,B/C#,C#,C#,C#,C#,A,A,A,C#,C#,C#,C#,C#/..1st chord in verse

Chorus is just: B,B,B/C#,C#,C#,C#,C#,A,A,A,E,E,E,E,E x 4

But the verse has just one chord with different alternatives
The timing is 16 strums per chord, you play them in the same amount of time as the 
four chords in intro. Simple up down up down or watch the live video.
(keep your two fingers on the ninth fret of 3rd,4th strings)
You can see how you slide to the chords now:
1:0   2:0  3:0   1 again. -then 1.  2.  3. then 4:0      /
  0     0    0            -                       0     /        
  9     9    9            -                       9    /    into chorus.                     
  9     9    9            -                       9   /     
  7     x    0            -                       9  /               
  0     7    0            -                       7 /  

Interlude is just just the intro.

the bridge: (is just the same chords as verse) listen to video.
Maybe I am a crowded mind
I watch your eyes glaze over
Stared down at the floor
You were amazing to me
I was amazing to you
But here we go again 

then the last chorus is just played over and over :)

Chorus x2
Chorus x etc :)

Hope this helped get people started and if anyone has improvements for the bridge 
and interlude please say!!!!!!!!!

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