Oasis - Its Getting Better Man chords

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Its getting better (Man!!)
Band - Oasis
Album - Be here now
Release - 21 August 1997 (UK)
Tuning - EADGBe
Words & music by Noel Gallagher
(Looks like a lot of chords, but they're all easy.)
A5 - 577xxx
A* - 5776xx
B5 - 799xxx
G5 - 355xxx 
Em7 - 022033
G - 320033
A - x03330
D - xx0232
Dsus4 - xx0233
E - 022100
F#m7/4 - x44200
Bsus4 - x24400
Dsus2 - xx0230
D5 - xx023x
A5* - x02xxx
A6 - x04xxx
A7* - x05xxx
Csus2 - x3003
G/B - x2003x

Intro | A* A5 A* A5 |

Verse 1

A5                              B5       G5      A5
Say something shout it from the rooftops of your head
A5                                      B5            G5  A5
make it sort of mean something, make me understand or Ill forget

Verse 2
The people here on life's beaches
                   B5         G5       A5
they wish upon the waves that hide the sand 
                                               B5     G5      A5
Let them know that life teaches you to build a castle in your hand

          Em7           G        A
Maybe the songs that we sing are wrong,
          Em7            G         A
maybe the dreams that we dream are gone,
               Em7         G       D           Dsus4 D           Dsus4  D 
so bring it on home and it wont be long, oh, oh, oh  Its getting better man

F#m7/4                        A  E F#m7/4
Hey, what was hat you said to me?
                            A    E F#m7/4
just say the word and Id be free 
                                Bsus4  Dsus2
and where the stars are shining bright
                   A  E F#m7/4
Were gettin better man
                         A   E F#m7/4
and crashing up upon the wave
                           A    E F#m7/4
Its calling out beyond the grave
                         Bsus4 Dsus2
and were the fire in the sky
Its gettin better man

| *A5 A6 A7 A6 *A5 |

(The rest of the song is more or less the same as the above)

Verse 3

Bridge 2

Chorus 2

Solo | D Csus2 G/B Csus2 |

Chorus 3


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