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Of Montreal - The Actors Opprobrium chords

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        D               G      D      G
I guess I should have known to stay away
A                       D      G
From a snuff film by Jean Genet
D       G      D              G 
But the cash was good and the 
A                               C
Director gave me the biggest scene
                Em              A              E
What does it mean when Pentecostal born-again virgins
        A       A#             A
Appear picketing in angry protest?
        D       A
Oh, those sloppy tarts 
        D       A
Have sulphurized hearts

Sure, a dead man quietly pulling on his tongue 
A   D G
In a coffin after being hung
Does make strange erotic cinema 
C                       G      A# 
But that was the great masterís vision
A                       G
And the actors agree to portray 
                Dm              A
The fiend is best in a death fantasy
Because when one is licking the knife
A                       A7
Ah, well, that is truly the life


C                       Em
Oh, what does it mean 
A E    A# A
When the stagehand approaches 
Wheeling in a guillotine?
Letís play nice
D    A
Yes, I want to be a star 
D       A
But thatís going too far

Yes, Iím still smarting from the bite 
Of coital sessions in gelatinal light
Iím questioning my chosen career 
A  A# A D
Donít think Iíll be attending the premier

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