Of Montreal - Fugitive Air chords

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Here are some of the weirder chords in the song and how 
Kevin (most likely) plays them:

CMaj7 (X35450)
FMaj7 (X33550)
Edim7 (XX1212)
G#aug (XX6554)
Am    (XX7555)


E                           F# G
I do wrong, strictly speaking, just for myself, because it 
E                                F#     G
Makes me feel like a real man to hold hegemony over my business, and I

Dm          C                CMaj7     FMaj7 
I refuse to be abused by the milieu of wistful decay
D                   E                    F       F/E D 
Besides I'm used to all of my scruples deserting me
D/Db         C            E7
Like they've done today

    B                                       A
The lady from the block hunched over on the stoop 
         C                  A
With her withered old titty out,
                 F         G    F
Sayin' I've been rolled so many times, it's just
Feeding the pigeons

Now her grandson swings a little rabbit by the leg
A         C                           A
While his mother's playing two wooden flutes
          F         G        F
I want to repo some fugitive air
     C                D     E
To escape this street's vagary aesthetic

Has anybody here seen my old friend blob?
F#      G
Oh, has anybody seen where he's gone?
What he thinks I owe him is his former life
    F#        G
But how can I unmake someone else's mistakes?

Dm                C  
I guess I was his anti-hero
CMaj7           FMaj7
The bitter word on his lips
D              E
I hope I never feel a terror like 
F    F/E       D       D/Db   C          E7
When you've discovered your autonomy had flipped

C                     Edim7    F 
I feel like I possess only the bad aspects
Edim7    G      F                C           E7
Of invisibility, but none of the good ones

C                            Edim7   F 
Are we walking mausoleums of scented rotting flesh?
Edim7         G 
Mother always liked you best 
F                C
Liked your teeth upon her breast

C                                Edim7   F
Paint him with the oils from the eyes of street cats
        Edim7       G
Through some shitty witchcraft 
F                     C             E7
And apply it to their brows and genitalia

C                 Edim7    F
I had no idea how deeply I wounded you
      Edim7            G
But I don't need no forgiveness
F                  C                 E7
And no level of contrition will ever do

C Edim7 F Edim7 G F C E7

C Edim7 F Edim7 G F C

C C C/G G#aug Am G#aug F FMaj7 CMaj7

The "C D E" in the intro and fourth verse is played barred 
at the 3rd, 5th, and 7th frets, but it sounds great if you
drop down to the open E shape for the "E F# G" that follows.

I know the D/Db sounds weird, but I was able to isolate the
acoustic guitar track, and that's what he's playing. Focus 
on the descending root notes on the A string like he does.
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