Of Montreal - Joseph And Alexander chords

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                    Of Montreal - Joseph and Alexander
                        Tabbed by: gutturalguitar
                        Tuning: standard

                        Joseph and Alexander (1997)
                        (Kevin Barnes)

                        From: "Horse and Elephant Eatery (No Elephants
                        Allowed): The Singles and Songles Album" and the
                        Japanese release of "Cherry Peel"
                            Bm7 (x2023x)
                            [ch]Cmaj7/C#[/ch] (x42000)
                            Cm6bb5 (x33545)                           

| C#m | Cm | Bm7 |

G          Bm Em    Bm          G        

Joseph and Alexander rode their flaming swans

 Bm                 Cmaj7  [ch]Cmaj7/C#[/ch]

above Miss Dovepost and her 

D (barre) D7               B7      Em            C    C/G  C    C/G  

loudmouth niece, who had a fear of geese and who even in a corset

       D      D/C  D/A

looked remarkably obese

G          Bm Em    Bm   G                Bm             Cmaj7 [ch]Cmaj7/C#[/ch]

Joseph and Alexander redirect their swans left to take a gander 

       D (barre)    D7

at the funnel nosed threes

       B7       Em

in the Pekingese trees

        C    C/G   C       C/G

who are normally a nervous sort

    D        D/C      D/A

but now seem quite at ease

Cm6bb5        G          Gaug     F#dim    D (barre)

Joseph and Alexander are brothers and best friends

                D                  Fmaj7                Cm

the wonderful adventures that they share together never end

   C#m7                     D/A    A (barre)

be sure to send a smile for me and Dave


to wherever they're pretending to be

  C#m              C#m7

I hope they keep a journal


and take lots of photographs

           Bm                D A (barre)

of all the funny things they see

G          Bm Em   Bm

Joseph and Alexander

             G              Bm        Cmaj7 [ch]Cmaj7/C#[/ch]

approach the nest of the speckled salamander

         D (barre) D7               B7           Em   

who with utmost    care is knitting thermal underwear

    C          C/G     C  C/G

she smiles and hollers up

                  D        D/C     D/A           

"These are for my grandchildren to wear."

G          Bm Em    Bm       G

Joseph and Alexander feeling tuckered

    Bm          Cmaj7 [ch]Cmaj7/C#[/ch]       

now decide to meander         

       D (barre) D7

back into their beds

               B7           Em

and kiss their swans on the head

    C         C/G   C      C/G

but before going to sleepy land

D      D/C        D7

Joseph turned and said


"Agates, I love you."

Alexander yawned and said

C#m         Cm        Bm7

"Joseph, me too, I love you."
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