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Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games tab

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A# F         (repeated during intro bass line)

   A#                C
Letís have bizarre celebrations
   F                  A#
Letís forget who forget what forget where
   G#                 C
Weíll have bizarre celebrations
   A#                 F
Iíll play the Satyr in Cypris you the bride being stripped bare

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Letís pretend we donít exist
Letís pretend weíre in Antartica

Additional Lyrics:

Letís have bizarre celebrations
Lets forget when forget what forget how
Weíll have bizarre celebrations
Weíll play Tristan and Izolde but make sure I see white sails

Maybe Iíll never die 
Iíll just keep growing younger with you
And youíll grow younger too 
now it seems too lovely to be true
but I know the best things always do

letís pretend we donít exist
letís pretend weíre in Antartica
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