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Of Montreal - We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling tab

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simple chord pattern, with an amazing bassline, which im going to tab after i tab this. 
dont have a lot of the lyrics since the song hasnt been officially released yet.
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Dm          F
she says im boring her camera
F                Bb
it takes more to delight than ???? her
Bb            Gm
night eyes on icy patrols
Dm                F
yours were not so nazi feline
F             Bb
mine were as dead as monks and
Bb            Gm
our particles are in motion
Dm            F
night eyes reducing ashes
F                   Bb
we like to view unfortunate passions
Bb                 Gm
still she takes my photo to bed
Dm            F
no mere limp verse could incite
F            Bb
identity destruction our
Bb         Gm
particles are in motion

theres more lyrics but i cant even begin to decipher half of them hahah. anyway yeah the 
pattern continues like that throughout the whole song.
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