Off With Their Heads - Clear The Air chords

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Song:   "Clear The Air"
Album:  In Desolation

Verse: Em C#m E C#m A B

Chorus: Em C# A B

Bridge: C# Em A

Outro: Em C#

end on Em

 Em            C#m          A             B
--7--         --4--       --5--         --7--
--8--         --5--       --5--         --7--
--9--         --6--       --6--         --8--
--9--         --6--       --7--         --9--
--7--         --4--       --7--         --9--
--0--         --x--       --5--         --7--

It sounds fine just using power chords for the distorted parts
But when the guitar is played clean I believe they're using full Barre Chords.
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