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Oh No Oh My - The Party Punch tab

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Capo on 4

Chords used (relative to capo):

      G              Cadd9

e|- - x - -      e|- - x - -
B|- - x - -      B|- - x - -
G|- - - - -      G|- - - - -
D|- - - - -      D|- x - - -
A|- x - - -      A|- - x - -
E|- - x - -      E|- - - - -

G                   Cadd9
You sat down on our leather chair.

            G            Cadd9
Called everyone

     G                      Cadd9
Said stick your toes all up in the air,

                  G            Cadd9
“Come on it’ll be fun!”

G                                  Cadd9
Some tried they thought you were a little strange.

               G        Cadd9
They were all right

G                        Cadd9
We did thirteen-thousand exercises

               G          Cadd9
They were all ashamed

But we were all okay

G                      Cadd9
You called me up said “Boy, you can’t handle this!”

         G        Cadd9
I was uptight

G              Cadd9
Only punches below the neck

               G        Cadd9
Not the pretty face

G                      Cadd9
They all came and they gathered ‘round

            G        Cadd9
Now is our time

G                     Cadd9
Chaos was followed by stupid laughs

                 G        Cadd9
But I don’t even care

                 G        Cadd9
No, I don’t even care

I don’t even care

G(strum repeatedly)
Stay back
Stay home
Stay home
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