Ok Go - Shooting The Moon chords

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Play Bb/G like this:

Intro: F Bb  Bb/G  Cm  F#  F

Bb         Bb/G
All of the astronauts
Champagne in plastic cups
F#               F
Waiting for the big hero to show.
Bb         Bb/G
Outside the door he stands
His head in his hands
F#           F
And his heart in his throat.

Eb             Bb
What can he tell them now?
Eb       C
Sorry I let you down
Eb      F       Bb
Sorry it wasn't quite true.
Eb         Bb
Don't get hung up on it
Eb         C
Just soldier on with it.
Eb                F             Bb
And good luck with shooting the moon.

Shooting the moon

Shooting the moon

The moon

Shooting the moon.

Verse 2:
All of the principals, generals, admirals
And the podium lit with the spotlight
The crowd buzzes quietly
Waiting expectantly like it's opening night

Repeat Chorus

Enjoy! :D
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