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Okkervil River - A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene tab

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	    A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene - Okkervil River
Tabbed by: A. Maheu

Tuning: Standard

/   / = 1 measure

/ Ebm  /... / = 2 measures of Ebm 


  /Ebm             /  ...             / ...                 /  ...           

*Verse 1*

      /Ebm                   /  ...                    /Db            / ...
I'm a band in a show about a man holding hands with his wife 

     /Ebm                        / ...                     / ...            
on a therapist's couch, with his face to the ground (after fucking around
/Db         / ...    
countless nights) 

             /B                    / ...                   /Db        / ...
and, in this one episode, close-up cameras are showing him crying, 

       /Abm     /B      /Db 
his red head and his red eyes. 

*Verse 2*

     /Ebm                    /  ...           /Db            / ...
I'm a band in a show about a boy being buried alive, 

        /Ebm                    / ...                                 / ... 
from his head to his toes, by a criminal (but with a sensitive soul!) with
 /Db         / ...         
a set of raccoon eyes, 

                 /B                       / ...                   
and there's this scene in the show when a hustler knows 
           /Db         / ...
he's gonna die. 

           /Abm     /B        /Db 
The ground opens and he climbs inside. 


/Gb                      /Db                            /Abm                
And as he speaks his last line, a thought falls from his mind and I pick it
    /B                /Db     / ...     
 up right through the TV: 

    /Abm     / ...   /B      /...       /Db   
Oh   oh                       Is there a hand to take hold of the scene? 


/Gb     / ...    /Abm     / ...     /Db        / ...       /B        / ...

*Verse 3*

     /Ebm                       /  ...                /Db            / ...
I'm a man in a dream and there, dancing in front of my eyes,

    /Ebm                                   / ...                   / ...    
is a queen - formed out of flaws, with her eyes all gone odd and a rod
                /Db           / ... 
bolted into her spine. 

          /B                          / ...                   / ...         
She rises up like a yawn. She grips my heart like a claw. She splits apart
                     /Db          / ...
 like a jaw, like an eye.

       /Abm    /B     /Db 
And she asks me with a sigh, 


/Gb                   /Db                          /Abm                     
When we're so far from right, when we're losing the fight, when we're
             /B              /Db     / ... 
 letting the light weaken its beam - 

    /Abm     / ...   /B       /...         /Db   
Oh   oh                       Is  there  a  hand to take hold of the scene? 


/Gb     / ...    /Abm     / ...     /Db        / ...       /B        / ...

 /Gb       / ...      /Abm                         / ...                /
I want a smile like a glistening shard. I want a kiss that's as sharp as a
Db        / ...       /B          / ...
knife.   The   day     expires, and the 

/Gb   / ...   /Abm                  / ...                 /Db        / ...  
dry, cracked, trembling lips God saw fit to put this kiss inside,     I 
         /B     /Gb   
lift them up to you. 

                /Abm      /Db      
I'd like to bear witness   to   a 

*Verse 4*

/Ebm                      /  ...                /Db            / ...
light that is fine and is filling the cryingest eyes, 
/Ebm                      / ...            
grace in each face that is making the wastedest, 
/ ...                /Db       / ... 
brokenest ones fairly fly, 

/B                            / ...                            /Db   /...
love that is innocent of that old cynical, covetous, cancerous vibe, 

     /Abm     /B        /Db 
and a beauty      that annihilates all 


/Gb                          /Db                         /Abm               
life like it's lived in these nights, holding your hatred tight like a sign
 that you're right or you're strong. 

/Gb                     /Db                     /Abm                        
When your doors are shut tight, I will dream you tonight, and my dream will
 just sweep you along. 

/Gb                /Db                             /Abm                     
When all fires are fanned, when we're shucking our plans, when we're too
 /B      /Db     / ...     
 weak to stand on our two feet 

    /Abm     / ...   /B       /...      /Db   
Oh   oh                       Is there a hand to take hold of the scene? 

/B      / ...        / ...        / ...        / ...      / ...       /

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