Okkervil River - Blanket And Crib chords

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CAPO on 2nd

 C           Am                         C
Safe, safe, enjoy your time feeling so safe,
      Am                         Em
and treasure that smile on your face,
              Am                         D           G
okay? Because time will see that it's replaced in a while.
           C            Am                               C         Am
So go on, smile. And handshakes all around- that's your style, and no one
                Em                Am                       D
would call it denial, for you're not even sure what's in store, Though it's
                F       C                 G                        Am
Than you'll be able to take standing up straight. And it won't be okay.
                   F      C                      G 
And you won' be somebody who it's just happening to, because it's a trap
that you, and only you, 
       C                Am                 C
have laid, laid with a towel up over your face,
           Am                    Em
in your armchair, just lying in wait,
           Am                    D           G
 waiting forces were gathering outside your door.
                       C                 Am                              C
They sharpened their knives, knives and smiled with no smiles in their eyes, 
   Am                   Em          Am                 D             G
a little bit larger in size and a little bit hungrier for that tiny prize. 
         F          C                   G                           Am
And my mother once said "Son, remember this, no matter what someone did:
            F               C                    G                  Am
that they once were just a kid at breast and in bib, in blanket and crib. 
         F              G                   C                     Am
So just reach inside yourself and find the part that still needs help, 
           F        C                         G
find that part in someone else and you'll do good", so
I thought that I would.

(F - C - F - C - F - C - G - Am) X2

 C     Am                         C
Hey I love you, it goes without saying. 
         Am                      Em
I would give you the world on a tray, though
they're already tracing a
D                  G
line across your throat. 
Far too late in the game you'll
find that you have been
   C              Am                       Em
betrayed: propped up and pushed into your place. 
I could claim that it all would
     D                      G                       C     F
go great, but the reason I came is to say that it won't.
                         C          F
You should know that it won't, 
                         C          F
You should know that it won't, 
                         G         D     G          C
You should know that it won't, and so, Phillip, let go.

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