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Okkervil River - Piratess chords

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The same chord progression is used throughout the entire song.  Also, these are the same 
chords used in a much earlier Okkervil River song titled "Murderess."

F#m  D               C#m          Bm
Wh-oooo wrote those˙lines on the wall?˙
         A     G#m         F#m               E
Let's˙retrace where they˙scrawled ancient˙characters.˙
It's 2:00, and your sister's slip falls,˙
and the afternoon crawls across the room and tackles her.˙

I don't think that you would sink that ship that's only passing through,˙
because I don't believe that you might be a murderess.˙
But I saw inside each small, dark eye as it was turning blue,˙
all the strength inside to do just what the captain says and hang the rest.

Moved by the rhyme in the psalm,˙
we agreed that it was wrong, and to believe in it.˙
Oooh!, swooned the wall all night long.˙
But a lie's a lie, no matter what guy's breath's in it.˙

I don't know that I would go that far down some dark avenue,˙
with a whispering crew of shadows all protecting it.˙
But I saw inside each small white lie, as it was turning true,˙
the ability to do all things expected of it.

Oh, murderess, in the wilderness. With your victims all around you.˙
As their combined love forms a pool your knife's reflected in,˙

now I'm ready, too, with my throat to you.˙
On this mountain. By this moon.˙
And what I want the most to do is prove that I'm not like them.
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