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Okkervil River - A King And A Queen tab

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Okkervil River
A King and a Queen
Tabbed by Jason Kientz

****** Capo 5 *********

      C    Em7add6    Am   Am7/G   F     G     F     G
   (3)  (2)             (3)

 	(So for ease, I'm only going to write Em7 instead of Em7add6)
	(Every time there is the C Em7 Am Am7/G progression, play
	it like the intro)

     C           Em7         Am            Am7/G
  If you want to see, and be seen, then be seen

       F             G
  Your dress is dark red and

       C       Em7          Am            Am7/G
  your opening eyes, bright green, make a scene,

           F           G
  but dont lie on your bed, 

       F               G
  laid out like you're dead,

          Am                     G
  Because honey you're murdering me...

  (musical interlude is intro twice, try to hit the root notes harder)

       C            Em7              Am                Am7/G
  Be a little sheep learning, who'll shear, and who'll feed,

            F             G
  The hands come and they leave,

           C         H           Am            Am7/G
  Be hands holding a knife, be a being, on two feet,

           F             G
  With his heart tremble-in'

          F        G
  butcherin' for a king,

     Am                            G
  He believes in though he's never seen...  la da da da

  (musical interlude)

         F                     Em
  Be the princess in that stone tower,

  Am              G                Am
  Crying for that handsome butchers plight,

         G                             F           G
  And as some princess might she still calls him a knight

          C              Em7           Am           Am7/G
  but the best thing for you, would be queen, so be queen,

         F          G
  you're all that I need,

           C            Em7       Am         Am7/G
  Though I know that it never can be, I'd be pleased,

     F         G
  To post your decrees,

     F            G  
  to Fall at your knees,

     Am                          F            G
  to name all you streets and to sit down and weep 

             Am                            F           G
  and you're carried back through them and set down to sleep   

         Am                  F       G                            
  And to lie by you side for sublime centruies

          Am         G               F            G          
  till we crumble to dust, when were crushed by a single sun 

  (outro same as intro but softer)
  C       Em7    Am    Am7/G

  (repeat intro till you feel like stopping and then end it on a C)
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