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Okkervil River - No Key No Plan tab

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Usually I play this D shape:


Intro:  G

Verse 1:
G                                   C
When Iím hosed and they're closing in, maybe only then, 
Em                       D              G
really, Iíll try to get right with myself. 
So Iíll grope down that ladder again, until Iím tumbling
     Em                     D                  G
but really, I just want to slide, I want to crash-land. 
While my friend, my associate, heís a regal man. 
  Em                          D                      G
He bindles and he twists and ties, gives the reckoning, 
and then itís back on the road again with maybe thirteen grand. 
Em                      D                       G
Moralize all you might like, I don't believe in it. 
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G                          C          D
(Youíve never earned your soul.) I know, 
D                          C          D
(Youíve never earned your soul.) I know,
D                          C          D
(Youíve never earned your soul.) I know,
              Em   C   G   D   G
but Iím gonna try.

Verse 2:

G                         C
Iím a rich young sophisticate, Iíve got girls and friends. 
   Em                    D                       G
Iím doing what I really like and getting paid for it. 
G                             C
There is no key, thereís no plan; I discovered that. 
      Em                          D               G
And, truly, I donít think you'll find a happier man. 

                    Em   C   G   D  
"....but I'm gonna try."
              Em                  C
You float up high and it isnít a sin. 
                   G                   D
And there isnít a hell where weíll be sent. 
             Em                    C
Thereís only now, and there isnít then. 
                   G   D   G
So just breathe it in.
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