Ola Podrida - Eastbound chords

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Ola podrida - Eastbound

Note:Between the Em Chord and the G chord
there is an F# bass.

Am        Em      G                 D
Big city calling, I hear the echo outside
Am                       Em      G                    D
There's something so frightening in the deep western sky
Am             Em      G        D
I wish it was simple saying goodbye
Am         Em      G              D
Comfort me later, for now let me cry

Am    Em    G    D X2

Am                   Em       G                    D
Will cracks in the pavement bring me some sort of truth
Am                  Em  G                D
Will they find some way to remind me of you
Am                        Em      G                   D
Will the train running eastbound help me remember my part
Am                  Em     G                    D
Will the wish for release fill the holes in my heart
C                      G    D                    A
The sky filled with phantoms in their towers of light
C                Em      G                      D
And lovers so restless give themselves to the night
C                    G   C                    D
If you cut me wide open and you looked deep inside
Am                         C     Am          C      G
Would you find something deeper than this worrying mind?

Instrumental: G D Am C X2
              Am C Am D

Am                Em    G                         D
This room is too empty and these streets are too wide
Am                     Em    G                   D
And I don't have the patience for this pain to subside
Am                 Em  G               D
So I'm off to the land of litter and lights
Am                  Em    G                        D
Where rats in the tunnels keep the ghosts up all night
C                         G      D                 A
I'll learn the streets slowly, maybe find someone new
C                    Em     G                    D
We'll drink up the sunrise and wake up with the moon
Am               Em    G               D
But I'm not so stupid, I'm not such a fool
Am                  C
To think that I'll stop
Am      C         G   D
Stop thinking of you
Am           C      Am       C      D
I'm not so stupid, I'm not such a fool
Am              C
To think that I'll stop
Am      C         G
Stop thinking of you

Hope you liked it :)
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