Old 97s - Valium Waltz chords

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Old 97s  "Valium Waltz"

2 3 0 0
3 0 2 0
2 0 2 0
0 0 2 2
0 2 0 2
0 3 0 0

To dream as if lovers of the ultra-familiar.
                                  G   A
Hover above her as she's checking you out.
D                      G
Wander around her, but never sleep with her.
E                                G             D
Watch her through windows as she pours herself out.

You're scoring her shipwrecks with fiddles and dobros.
                                  G   A
Laugh at the plainclothes, police the crowd.
D                     G
Carry her under, like water or ether.
E                       G            D
Spirit her off when the music's too loud.


E                             G
And it's written all over the face of the daughter
       D               A
of the mayor of Marble Falls.
E                                G         A      D
When she winds up in Denton Town doing the valium waltz.

Dream of the day when your memory is fickle.
                                  G    A
Pine for a time when your mind is made up.
D                            G
Wonder how long 'fore you're pear-shaped and wrinkled,
E                       G           D
wind up on window sills all knotted up


My first tab.  I couldn't find this anywhere online. 

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