Old Canes - Southern Radio chords

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This is the whole song, in 2 parts that are the exact same.  I wish I knew lyrics but I 
 I put the times you should be playing these chords next to the progression.  Good song, 
easy.  Anyone know the lyrics?

Southern Radio - Old Canes

CAPO on 4th fret plays the version from the album, all chords are relative to capo placement.

G Em G Em C G C 
(x2)  (0:00 - 40)

G D C G (x2)  (0:41 - 0:57)

G Em G Em C G C 
(x2)  (0:58 - 1:37)

G D C G (x2) (1:38 - 1:53)

G Em G Em C G C 
(1:54 - 2:15)

End on G

Good Luck.
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