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Old Crow Medicine Show - Motel In Memphis chords

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Motel in Memphis - Old Crow Medicine Show - Tennessee Pusher
Standard Tuning
Great song from their new album... Enjoy!!!!!

Intro: Em, Am, Am, Em x2

		  Am									Em
were you there when the man from atlanta was murdered in memphis
	   Am						Em
did you see him layin at the low rent hotel
	   Am						Em
did you hear them say that the cia is witness
	   C				  B7			Em			D
to the murder of a man at a motel in memphis

		   Em		         	   Am
motel in memphis, motel in memphis
Am									           Em		D
run and tell somebody, theres blood on the riverside
		Em					   Am
old muddy water, rollin through memphis
Am											       Em
if you were there youd swear it was more than a man who died

Em, C, B(note), Am, B(note), C(note), D(note), Em
	                               (walks up here)
did you see coretta she's sobbin on the corner in a black veil
did you see mr crump in a white coat grin
did you walk down river where the cotton woods are swingin
with ghostly bodies of man

repeat chorus

instrumental is the same chords as the chorus

were you there with mahalya wailin at the funeral
did you watch them lower his casket in
did you tremble when you thought about the future
and cry out for a modern man

repeat chorus
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