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Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel chords

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 C                        G

 Headed down south to the land of the pine

  Am                    F
 Thumbing my way into North Caroline

  C                      G                F
 Staring down the road, pray to god I see head lights

 C                       G                 Am                      F

Made it down the coat in seventeen hours, picking me a bouquet of dogwood 


C                        G           F

Hoping for Raleigh I can see my baby tonight,


    C                  G     

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel

Am               F

Rock me mama any way you feel

C G      F

Hey mama rock me

C                     G                  Am                  F

Rock me mama like the wind and the rain, rock me mama like a south bound 


C G      F

Hey mama rock me  

C G Am F C G F

Running from the cold up in New England 
I was born to be a fiddler in an old time string band
My baby picks the guitar, I play the banjo now
Oh north country winters keep a getting me down lost all my money playing poker so 
I had to up and leave,
but I  ain't turning back to live that old life no more


Walking to the south out of Roanoke 
I met a trucker out a Philly had a nice long toke,
But he's headed west to the Cumberland Gap,
to Johnson city, Tennessee 
and now I gotta get a move on before the sun
I hear my baby calling my name and I know that he's the only one
but if I die in Raleigh at least I will die free
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