Oliver James - Long Time Coming chords

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Transcribed by ear. Sorry if the chords are incorrect!
Verse 1:
B                     G#m
Everybody wants to be loved
        E           F#
every once in a while
B                    G#m
we all need someone to hold on to
            E          F#
just like a helpless child


can you whisper in my ear
E                   F#
let me know it's alright

           G#m    F#    E  B
it's been a long time coming
E          F# 
down this road
E          B
and now i know
what i've been waiting for
           G#m F#  E    B
and like a lone-ly high-way
E                 F#
i'm trying to get home
    G#m     F#     E           B
ooo loves been a long time coming

[Same chords repeated from verse 1]
Verse 2:
You can look for a lifetime
You can love for a day
You can think you got everything but
Everything is nothing when you throw it away, yeah
Then you look in my eyes

F#		               E         B 
Didn't know I was lost, til you found me, uh huh
F#			    B   F# E
Didn't know I was blind but now I see

           G#m    F#    E  B
it's been a long time coming

Hope you enjoy!
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