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Olivia Newton-john - Changes tab

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Changes  -  Olivia Newton-John

>>> Taken from "The New Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits Songbook" <<<

Chords used:

   Bb Bb6 Bbmaj7 Eb or Eb F


  Bb          Bb6                Bbmaj7     Bb6
  We said a million times we'd change,
  Bb            Bb6                Bbmaj7 Bb6
  Can't bring myself to say those words again.
  Eb                   F
  A piper never changes tune,
  Eb                            Bb
  You can't grow apples on the moon.


  Bb           Bb6                Bbmaj7     Bb6
  The hurtful things we say still penetrate,
  Bb        Bb6               Bbmaj7         Bb6
  And whispered sorrys always come too late.
  Eb                   F
  Then the damage has been done,
  Eb                            Bb   Bb6   Bbmaj7   Bb6
  What er we going to tell our son.


  Eb                          Bb
  I want to spare his broken heart.
  Eb                          Bb
  Brek it gently that we'll live apart
  F                             Eb
  Don't know the proper way to say
                                  Bb   Bb6   Bbmaj7  Bb6
  He won't be seeing daddy ev'ry day.


  Those weekly outings never work you know,
  Buying gifts and candy picture shows.
  They can't replace the man around,
  Your voice, your touch, your manly sound.


  I quess the trouble is I love you still,
  And if it comes to that I always will.
  No, please don't cry, it's just too late
  Now hurry on, she's waiting at the gate


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