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Omnisoul - Waiting Save Your Life tab

Waiting (Save Your Life) by the Crash Motive
...formerly known as Omnisoul :)

e ----------12----|
A -12-14-16----14-|
G ----------------|
D ----------------| Riff at the beginning. Repeat as necessary
A ----------------|
E ----------------|

e -7-------7-----7------|
A ---9-------9-----9----|
G -----9-------------9--| X2 (You will hear this)
D ----------------------|
A ----------------------|
E ----------------------|

e -12---------------|
A ----16-14-12-14---|
G ------------------| (Play this during the build-up)
D ------------------|
A ------------------|
E ------------------|

Intro: C#m A B

Verse 1:
C#m A          B
      Havenít you had enough of my brain
C#m A               B
      Itís on the table Iíve got no more to say
C#m A       B
      If I bore you get out of my way
C#m A            B
      This oneís for you

A                 B
So cut me a break cause I canít wait
Iím the same I was when we first met
            A                  B
And now I feel youíre pulling away
So just give me the word
And Iíll leave today

E            B                     C#m
But if you want me to Iíll be the one for you
      A                E
Maybe I can save your life
(E)               B                       C#m
At times youíve hated me, ainít that how love should be
So just let me save your life

(Intro chords)

(Second verse is the same as the first... I rhymed!!)

Thereís a line formed you canít see
Iíve been waiting you give nothing for free
But thereís a yearning itís deep and calm
And time has burnt me



B      C#m
Donít you know me
      A               E    B
Iím helpless without you
(B) C#m                A                 E (or back to B. It's hard to tell)
I watched you sleep so I could dream of you


End on A
(You can add an E at the end to add closure)

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