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One Less Reason - Favorite Color Acoustic tab

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Favorite Color acoustic chords
standard tuning
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Intro: Cm, Bb, G#, Bb

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     Cm             Bb              G#       Bb
If I said the wrong thing would you leave me?
          Cm          Bb 
Though my fingers may break, 
             G#         Bb
I just can't let you go.
Cm         Bb       G#        Bb
Don't know why I believed you.
              Cm          Bb           G#        Bb
Not with that promise you made me just yesterday.

Cm     Bb     
I will always love you,
G#       Bb 
take the me out of you.
Cm                             Bb             
Alot of people are going to be dissapointed when they find out,
G#         Bb
I love you and I need you.
Cm      Bb            
Till my heart stops beating,
G#         Bb
I'll never lose this feeling and alot of people are going
Cm    Bb
to be dissapointed when they find out.

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