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One Night Only - Sweet Sugar tab

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Capo 2nd

On the Em7 chord, instead of playing the 2nd fret of the 5th string, play the 2nd
fret of the 4th string.
Like this:
Em7 |---|---|---|---|

G                  D                        Em7
I was walking up a beaten track, I had the sun in my eyes
D                   G                   D
Sugar in my mouth a feeling, some thing in the air
  Em7        D                 G                   D     Em7    D     G 
A feeling, I didn't care about, I didn't care about it
           G              D
So then I walked down to the riverside
   Em7                    D                                
To see my friends, but they weren't there,
        G                  D
I had a feeling that they wouldn't be
   Em7               D                      G      D     Em7    
I realised, there's plenty more fish in the sea
            G                       D     Em7     D     G
Yes yes yes it was you I wanted to see

D        Em7             D        G 
I don't care I'm just inspired
    G          D             Em7       
Coz whatever I say, is never right
But then there's you


          G  D     Em7         D
You are my C6H12O6, sweet sugar
G       D                  Em7          D            G   
  Every time that we kiss, I get butter, butterflies

For the rest of the song the same chords apply. :)

I don't know if this is right but it sounds okay.
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