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Onerepublic - Everybody Loves Me chords

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Not sure if it worked to post it the first time so i'll just do it again!
I got loads of requests for these tabs after uploading my "everybody loves me" cover on 
so here you go!
you can check what it should sound like here:

e --
H --
G --
D --
A --
E --0-0 - 11/12 - 0-0-0- 3-3 <- thats the basic thing throughout the whole verse and 

you can also do the 11/12 part the way i did it in the video, not sure how you cann that 
so you'd have to watch!

PLUS with a second guitar, you'll need to mute all strings and stum like that:
down down down, down-up up-down down down-up

now 1 strum per chord!
"and you dont have to make a sound..."

after "need" the intro part again!
intro part and prechorus again until it gets to the chorus...

Oh my, feels just like I don't try
Looks so good I might die
F (muted!)
All I know is everybody loves me

and same thing for the second part of the chorus, then back to the intro part.

The BRIDGE is basicalle just E and G, kind of like, half muted?! haha, well, try it.

back to the chorus, you're done! ;D not really a hard one to play :)

so have fun!! xX
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