Onerepublic - Missing Persons 1 And 2 Acoustic chords

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If you watch the music video for the acoustic song, he only plays these four 
chords, so I'm pretty fang sure this is right =). The entire Acoustic song is:

      F        C         G        Am

F             C                 G
Used to come around here every day
Now you're breakin'
F             C                 G
Used to be the one that is not ashamed
Now you shamin'
F             C          G
Lost in all the wars we fought
Never sorrow
F             C                      G
Now everything about you wears the scars
Of tomorrow
      F      C         G        Am
And I wonder where you are
      F      C            G
Now I wonder where you..

Take yourself down
Pick yourself up
Everything changed when you got along
7 point 1 took it all down
Suddenly you can't even be found
I said all night long

Missing person's in the window
Staring at me
G                    Am
Saying things I cant hear
A missing person's in the window
Staring at me
G                     Am
Haven't seen them in years
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