Only Seven Left - My Side Of The Story chords

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Okay, first time I actually got all the chords by ear. Hope you like it!

Em   (several times, just use this to fill up the intro)

you got it all wrong. 
But you wonít hear my side of the story. 
So I am gone.

Itís over and done.
Iím sleeping alone tonight. 

(same chords for the other verses)

Fun we had all the fun.
I had no idea that the ship was sinking
in the long run
Guess I was wrong.
Iím taking an early flight.

Iím feeling alright.
As long as I keep my mind off thinking over that night.
And how you replied when I said itís over.

Hide the tears that I cried. 
I no longer need your sweet compassion now we collide. 
You tear me inside.
Iím pulling the covers. 

G                   C                        Em                        D
It took you so long to figure out just what you were missing.
Youíre moving on,
Iím not the one.
                        Cadd9           D                      C
I wonder whose lips you will be kissing when Iím gone.
C    [break]
         Goodbye my life goes on. 

Em   (again, fill up)
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