Onsind - Frankland Prison Blues chords

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Really enjoying Onsind currently. Have fun! PR

	       D#	      G			  G#
When I see a prison, I see a vested interest in recidivism; 
	       D#	                       G               G#
the righteous and pure on a moral mission, an awful draconian place
	       D#	      G			  G#
Will nobody listen? Can we please move beyond this simplistic vision? 
	      D#	                         G			  G#
Of ‘intrinsically bad natured citizens’ and the myth that it’s keeping us safe.

When I see a prison I see an inconsistency,
I see differential treatment, I see widespread inequality 
I see a failing system that is grinning in defeat, 
I see a cycle that nobody’s trying to break, a pattern that’s built to repeat,

		     D#			   G#
They say “when you open up a school, you close a prison door”
		   Cm			  F		G#
Well we keep underfunding education and locking up the poor
		    D#			   G#
And I’m not sure where this is heading, But I know it isn’t great, 
		   Cm			  F		G#
we turned our heads away and they built a prison state.
a prison state

D#		      G#		    Cm				     
“Take me, take me anywhere, I never really cared about this freedom, 
        F	        G#
It was never meant for me 
D#		        G#    	                Cm	       
Lead me, lead me to my cell, I deserve to be in hell, there’s your solution, 
	    F		   G#		  F	     G#		   D#
you should lock me up and throw away the key, Eternally. Imprison me.”

D#	      G			  G#

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