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Ordinary Boys - Thanks To The Girl tab

Thanks to the Girl
The Ordinary boys
Track 4 - Brassbound
Enjoy, This is as accurate as i can be:

Intro - Guitar 1


Guitar 2 (Played over intro riff 1)


Cant be arsed to type lyrics! Sorry!

The chords thoroughout the verses go like this
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G  (3,5,5,4,3,3)
Em (x,7,9,9,8,7)
Bm (7,9,8,8,7,7)
C  (8,10,10,9,8,8)

When preston sings "Thanks to the girl"

|-10---8----------|First chord x14 in quick sucsession.
|-----------------|Repeat x2.

Next part:

Em (x,7,9,9,8,7)
Am (5,7,7,5,5,5)
C  (x,3,5,5,5,x)
D  (x,5,7,7,7,x) x2

Next part:

Bm (7,9,9,7,7,7)
Em (0,2,2,0,0,0)
C  (x,3,5,5,5,x)
D  (x,5,7,7,7,x)

I'll ad solo on request on TOb site, thanks.
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