Orianthi - Heaven In This Hell tab

Tabbed by : ajfrancis14
Artist : orianthi
Song : heaven in this hell intro

Hey, this is my first tab. It sounds right, but if it's wrong wrong I apologise. I 
don't know the whole song just the intro and chorus.

The low E string needs to be tuned down a semi tone.


E |----------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------------|
A |-4/6--6--6/4----------------------------------------------|


E |---------------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------------------|
G |-8-8------------------------------------8-8--|
D |-8-8---------4----4 4---------8-6--6-6--8-8--|
A |-6-6-----4h6---6--4 4-----4h6------6-6--6-6--|
Eb|--- -5h7----------3 3--5h7---------5-5-------|
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