Our Lady Peace - Not Enough tab

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I have been playing the guitar for 5 years and this is the first time I have been able 
figure out chords of a song.  First time because this one sounds closer than my previous 
with other songs.  Corrections are welcome!

C#m* - x4665x
A* - 57765*
E* - x2210x
B* - x2444x

C#m*                     A*
There is nothing you can say
A*              E*
Nothing you can do
E*                    B*
There is nothing in between
B*            E*
You know the truth
C#m*            A*
Nothing left to face
A*                      E*
There's nothing left to lose
E*                 B*
Nothing takes your place
E*   B*    C#m*
When they say
C#m*                A*
You're not that strong
A*              E*
You're not that weak
E*            B*
It's not your fault
E*  B*       C#m*             A*
And when you climb up to your hill
A*         E*
Up to your place
E*             B*
I hope you are well

(same progression for "there is nothing left to prove............I hope you are well)

I have not been able to figure out (what you want....what you lost....its not enough), 
that will be it for this song I absolutely love!
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