Outkast - Prototype chords

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These are the Chords for Prototype- Andre 3000, my first go at submitting this 
stuff so any corrections are welcomed, I hope this helps:)

Dmaj7               Amaj7
I hope that you're the one

Fmaj7                 Amaj7
If not, you are the prototype
Dmaj7              Amaj7
We'll tiptoe to the sun

Fmaj7           Amaj7
And do things I know you like

So yeah those are the chords throughout the rest of the song, So if you play it in 
the same pattern over these lyrics, it should sound okay.

I think I'm in love again [repeat]

[Verse 1]
Today must be my lucky day
Baby, you are the prototype
Do sumn' outta the ordinary
Like catch a manitee
Baby you are the prototype
I think I'm..


[Verse 2]
If we happen to part
Lord knows I don't want that
But hey, we can't be mad at God
We met today for a reason
I think I'm on the right track now


The Scene
Come here


[Outro (ad libs)]
Girl, right now I wanna say, I wanna say
I wanna say stank you very much
For picking me up
And bringing me back to this world
I can't, I'm not
I can't afford to not record
I thank I wanna say
I thank I wanna say stank you, stank you
Smelly much!
For picking me up and bringing me back to this world
Hey, hey John! Are we recording our ad libs?
Really?? Were we recording just then?
Let me hear that, that first one
When I first started
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