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Over The Rhine - All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue chords

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This is nice Jazz lounge piece.  These chords are basic approximations.  
As you may know with Jazz music, the chords can get quite complicated, 
especially to figure out by ear. I will just give you samples of the 
different parts to play.  Then you can find the lyrics elsewhere.



Am                    Am/G#
    Strings of lights above the bed
Dm/G                      Dm/F#
     Curtains drawn and a glass of red
F                  E            Am
All I ever get for Christmas is blue


A                             Dm
When you play my song play it slowly
G                       F  E
Play it like Im sad and lonely
A                       Dm
Maybe you can solve my mystery
G                         E
Wrap me in your arms and whisper

You miss me

Piano Solo: Same as Verses

This is pretty much how the song goes all throughout.

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