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Owen - Bed Abuse tab

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Artist: Owen
Song: Bed Abuse
Album: I Do Perceive
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo IV)

Riff 1
    Am            F

Intro: Am G F

   Am          G           F                Am  G 
I spend most days in this bed that I abuse
           F                          Am     G F  Am G F
On these pillows that you can’t get used to
           Am   G            F                         Am
I spend entire days putting off that which can't wait
  G        F            Am      G   F  Am  G  F
Until I’m knee deep in my own waste

Riff 1
And I think that I’m justified
Riff 1
‘Cause I’ve seen what trying’s done for those whove tried
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